Meet Michelle Cadena, Our New AD

We are thrilled to have Michelle Cadena in our office! Read her bio here:

“Hola El Centro y CSU! Mi nombre es Michelle Cadena (she/her/ella) and I am very excited to be joining you soon as Assistant Director! A little bit about myself: I am from Tijuana, Baja California and San Diego, California (this year marks half my life in both cities and countries). I was a transborder community college student before transferring to a four year university. These lived experiences combined with my work and my education have shaped the passion I have for higher education, specifically around identity development and advocacy. My passion and drive derives from the powerful women in my life who have raised me and shared many life lessons with me. What you will soon learn about me is that I love laughing and singing when I’m working. It is also likely that my office will smell like coffee all the time, since I love it, and yes, I do have my own little coffee maker that I carry with me everywhere I go. I love trying new food and getting recommendations for places to eat, so please feel free to share the spots you love since this is my first time living in Colorado and really living outside of California! I enjoy music and podcasts, especially when I commute to and from work or when I’m cleaning and cooking (I find comfort in this ritual since it reminds me of home). I am also an artist; I mainly use acrylic and mixed media, but I also work with oils and pastels. For me, it is a way of practicing self-care, which helps me ground myself when I feel stressed or anxious. I love infusing it into the work I do, so I hope I can share that part of me with all of you too! I am looking forward to meeting you soon and continue learning and growing, as well as, sharing more about myself in this new journey of my life!”