Hot Chips, Hot Topics

Hot Chips, Hot Topics   is a student-facilitated dialogue series for students to discuss current issues and topics that impact the Latinx community/diaspora. Hot Chips, Hot Topics will occur  every other Wednesday throughout the academic year, for one hour via zoom.

Please bring your thoughts, and hot chip of choice (Hot Cheetos, Takis, etc.).


Dialogue Across Difference with SEED

Wednesday September 9th from 5:15pm-6:25pm MT Zoom

  • Meeting ID: 980 7248 5706
  • Description: In this workshop, participants will learn about dialogue, which is distinct from other common modes of communication like discussion or debate. A dialogic approach can help groups with multiple perspectives to discuss complex issues and work through conflict. Participants will experience different modes of communication and then have a chance to practice dialoguing as a group.

Anti-Blackness in the Latinx Community

Wednesday September 23rd from 5:15pm-6:15pm MT

  • Zoom Link:
  • Meeting ID: 958 2487 4072
  • Description: Join us in discussing anti-blackness in our community

“X” in Latinx with Pride Resource Center

Wednesday October 7th from 5:15-6:15pm MT 

  • Zoom Link:
  • Meeting ID: 989 9589 0099
  • Description: Moving away from the gender binary. Learn about the intentionality, importance, and complexity of the “x” in “Latinx”. In Collaboration with Pride Resource Center.

So What’s Privilege?

Wednesday, October 21st 5:15pm-6:15pm

  • Zoom
  • Meeting ID: 949 5694 6968
  • Description: This self-reflective workshop will help us dive into what is means to have privilege.

Election Reflection

Wednesday, November 4th 5:15pm-6:15

  • Zoom Link:
  • Meeting ID: 989 5681 8637
  • Description: Holding virtual community space during Election day.

Being Latinx in a Predominately White Institution

Wednesday Nov. 18th 5:15pm-6:15pm

  • Zoom Link:
  • Meeting ID: 915 6188 9810
  • Description: Be in Community with other Latinx individuals and discuss how we navigate being a student at Colorado State University.