Elizabeth Woodworth Scholarship

The Elizabeth Woodworth Memorial Scholarship is a $1,500-$2,000 award.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Mary Gomez, Program Assistant, in the College of Engineering: mary.gomez@colostate.edu or Alexis Gomez, Program Coordinator in El Centro, alexis.a.gomez@colostate.edu

Deadline EXTENSION: Tuesday, JULY  14th, 2020 at 5:00 pm

Students applying for this award must meet the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled at Colorado State University
  • Be working towards a bachelor’s degree
  • Be a First-Generation college student
    • One whose parents have not completed a bachelor’s degree
  • Be enrolled as a full-time continuing or new student
  • Have a minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Demonstrate interest in, understanding of, and life experiences with  Latinx culture
  • Be able to volunteer 25 hours with the El Centro Office throughout the Fall 2020-Spring 2021 academic year

Application Materials

1. Personal Statement 

Your Personal Statement should be a minimum of 3 pages doubled spaced and  address ALL of the following:

  • Family background and how it has influenced your worldview
  • Circumstances that affect your need for financial assistance
  • What and who motivated you to attend college
  • Your personal and professional goals

2. COVID-19 Essay

Focus on ONE of the following questions. Essay should be, typed, a minimum of  three-page minimum, double-spaced, with no images). Essay must include at least three references on the work cited page and in-text citations in either MLA or APA format. It must also include your own experiences on your successes and/or challenges you were able overcome.

Topic 1: Academic Resilience

  • Schools were closed including K-12 and Universities and students were forced to teach and learn on-line. How were you able to return to your studies and accomplish your course work with on-line courses, given the challenges in your home, with your family and community? Provide some examples of the successes or challenges you and your family experienced with on-line courses/learning

Topic 2: Government Decisions

  • Businesses were closed and millions lost their jobs. Governments were left struggling with the delicate balance between keeping people safe from a highly contagious disease and making sure they could still make a living or have enough to eat. Did the government do enough? What could have been done differently?

Topic 3: Advocacy 

  • The Coronavirus does not discriminate, however, many in our Asian and Black communities experienced discrimination. How do you as someone who is Latinx stand up in solidarity with the Asian and Black community? Please provide a few examples or thoughts.

Topic 4: Pandemic Proactiveness  

  • If something like this were to occur again in our future, what are some of your ideas for future successes? What are some lessons learned and what could have been handled or done differently? What can be done now to prepare for future outbreaks?

3. Letters of Recommendation 

Please provide TWO  letters of recommendation from individuals outside of your family (professor, counselor, supervisor, mentor etc. ) who can speak to your strengths. Your recommendations must address your commitment to community and diversity. 

If your recommender does not feel comfortable giving you their letter, have them submit the letter in the form below.

Best Practices When Asking for a Letter of Recommendation