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What is La Conexion:

La Conexion is a program for first year Latinx students which is meant to help foster a strong sense of community, cultural pride, student engagement, and academic excellence at CSU.

La Conexión is designed to help Latinx students feel connected to other students and faculty who identify similarly and provide the support needed to be successful academically, socially, and emotionally throughout their first year and on.

First-year students choose a family meeting time that fits best with their class schedule. They are then paired with a family group and Family Leader. Each week, student participants meet with their family group to discuss academic success, managing stress, identity, establishing community, balancing family expectations, and other important topics related to what Latinx students experience during their first year of college.

La Conexión is a yearlong commitment for both Family Leaders and student participants. However, our goal is to establish long lasting relationships.


  • Commit to one full academic year
  • Attend weekly group meetings
  • Attend large group events
  • Maintain above a 2.5 GPA

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

The application for La Conexion is open year around. To apply go to:

Core Values:


La Conexión assists first year students with establishing meaningful relationships with other Latinx students and campus professionals through small and large group activities, service, leadership, and weekly meetings. La Conexión resembles a family because of the openness, support, and authenticity practiced by student participants and program leaders.

Academic Excellence

La Conexión creates an environment for learning by promoting academic success, providing information about campus resources, creating a culture of accountability, and teaching students to navigate the hidden curriculum in college.

Cultural Pride

La Conexión empowers students to demonstrate cultural pride while also practicing inclusiveness of all identities. Students are provided the space to share their story, bond over common experiences, and celebrate differences. La Conexión encourages students to recognize their unique strengths and resiliency.

Student Engagement

La Conexión supports active engagement in the CSU community by creating service and leadership opportunities as well as encouraging participation in current programs offered by campus partners. Students are expected to be active members of the CSU community during and after participating in the program.

Meet the Family Leaders

Yesica Ramirez

Lindsay Gomez

Karen Sandoval

Bradlee Saavedra

Alyssa Acosta