La Conexión

The Mission of La Conexion:

The mission of La Conexion, El Centro’s peer mentoring program, is to uplift the skills, qualities and talents that Latinx/e students’ inherently bring to our university. We support students in using these skills to navigate academic and social structures, while providing resources and support in order for students to thrive at Colorado State University and beyondGrounding in Tara Yosso’s Community Cultural Wealth model (2005), we value the fostering of a strong sense of community, celebration of identities, student engagement, and academics, for Latinx/e students at CSU that is rooted on social and educational justice 


What are our Values?


We support first year Latinx/e students with establishing healthy and meaningful campus community relationships with other Latinx/e students and campus professionals through small and large group activities, service, leadership, and weekly meetings. We understand the importance of community building impacting sense of belonging in the institution and support our students in extending their community network for continuous growth and learning experiences.  


We create an environment that supports students personal and professional aspirations by providing information about campus resources, creating a culture of accountability, and teaching students how to navigate the hidden curriculum in college.  

Celebration of Identities 

We empower students to continue learning about the intersectionality of identities and practice inclusiveness of all identities thorough fostering “communal bonds” (Yosso, 2005) and providing meaningful educational experiences. All our students bring unique experiences that help them connect and learn from each other, our hope is they can build communities of support within the program as well as challenge each other to continue growing.  

Student Engagement 

We support engagement in the CSU and surrounding communities by creating and encouraging participation in current programs, clubs, organizations, research, internships and events offered by the institution and or surrounding communities.  


Why Join La Conexion?

  • Meet other First-Year Latinx/e students
  • Learn more about campus resources
  • Attend fun community building events
  • Connect with other cultural centers/diversity programs
  • Gain professional development skills


How Does La Conexion Work?

First-year students will be paired with one peer mentor. Students will virtually connect with their mentor twice a month to discuss academics, stress management, identity exploration, balancing family expectations, and other important topics. There will also be one-hour, weekly virtual group sessions where students can meet other first-year students. Our goal is to establish long-lasting relationships. 


Fall Timeline

  • Applications Open: Wednesday, August 4
  • Application Deadline: Wednesday, September 8th 
  • Meet your family Leader:  Third week of September

For questions or more information, please contact Michelle Cadena at